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Colet Selwyn’s Voice UK début prompted Boy George to call the young bass' voice a ‘beautiful contradiction.’ At the Gaither taping this year he described meeting his musical heroes in that magical moment while wowing his fellow singers with rich, deep tones in 'This Ole House'.

His voice has carried him all over the world; from palaces in India, royal concert halls in the UK to Wild West cowboy churches in the USA. He is loved for his sincerity both onstage and offstage.   

When he finally comes home from whirlwind tours, you can find Colet helping out at his local church in Scotland. His next project is rumoured to be just around the corner.   


You should have seen the judges faces when you started singing, it was just incredible. “No one expected you to sound like that and your stage presence and confidence is fantastic...
— Chris Judge, The Falkirk Herald
Not just his soul, his feet also had rhythm — he threw in the perfect moonwalk.

— Prince Frederick, The Hindu Newspaper
The Voice definitely unearthed a gem in 21-year-old student Colet Selwyn.
— Clydebankpost

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Desert Song

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